Dedicated Professionals Managing Personal and Estate Issues Since 2000

From managing financial affairs and overseeing healthcare needs during a lifetime to administering trust and probates, we make sure our clients and their assets are cared for in their entirety.

  • Guardian — For elders who have lost the capacity to manage finances, we help ensure that funds are allocated properly for necessary expenditures.
  • Healthcare surrogate — Under medical power of attorney, we make prudent choices for healthcare and medical interventions consistent with the elder’s wishes.
  • Attorney-in-fact — Durable power of attorney allows us to exercise authority over an elder’s finances, health and welfare.
  • Trust administrator — When an elder’s assets are held in trust, we act as fiduciaries to ensure funds are allocated according to the elder’s wishes.
  • Probate administrator — In probate proceedings, we act as personal representatives of the estate, exercising the necessary authority to settle the estate so that assets may pass to beneficiaries as intended.

Our experienced team is dedicated to protecting assets and managing personal needs while preserving the highest quality of life for our clients.

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Estate and Guardianship Management Services, Inc. is a professional estate management service for seniors in Florida. We serve in several capacities to help ensure that your loved one enjoys the highest possible quality of life and that their finances are in order.

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